Use this page to check whether a vehicle dismantler or scrap yard is properly licensed


Vehicles are complex products containing many materials that are potentially hazardous to human health & the environment.  So at the end of their useful lives, scrap vehicles (End of Life Vehicles, ELVs) have to undergo decontamination (depollution) before they can be dismantled & scrapped.

ELVs, vehicles that have been sent for dismantling/ scrapping, are defined in law as waste. So in order to protect the environment, any company carrying out dismantling & scrapping must be ‘licensed’ by Government. These companies are called ELV ATFs – End of Life Vehicle Authorised Treatment Facilities.

The Environment Agency (EA) is the Government Department responsible for regulating our industry in England; in Scotland it is SEPA, in Wales it is Natural Resources Wales (NRW), & in Northern Ireland it is Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

All vehicle dismantlers, scrap metal yards, and motor salvage dealers also have to be registered with their local councils as Scrap Metal Dealers.  This is to help prevent & detect scrap metal & vehicle theft.

So, the licenses required by anyone dismantling &/or scrapping vehicles are:

  • Waste Management License/ Environmental Permit
  • Waste Carriers License (if they collect/deliver/ transport scrap vehicles)
  • Scrap Metal Dealer (not in Northern Ireland)

They will need ALL of these separate licenses.

In order to allow people to check whether the company they are selling their vehicle to is legally allowed to take it, Government has put in place ‘public registers’. The links below take you through to these ‘public registers’. 

You can check using, for example, the company name, or its site address/ postcode.

This link (below) allows you to check whether an operator in England has any of the above licenses:

The links below take you to the section of the EA, NRW , SEPA, & NIAE websites where there are up to date lists of companies dealing specifically with scrap vehicles (ATFs).

You can also find details of permitted ELV ATFs is the Republic of Ireland here:

Search by LOW code – use the drop down menu & select 16 01 04*

You can find out details about other related licences here.

Waste carriers:

Scrap Metal Dealer


These lists aren’t definitive, because they’re constantly being updated.  Also, licenses aren’t always issued in the business name or address; they maybe in the owner’s name/ address or at the company registered office.  So if you can’t find the company you’re searching for, they may well be illegal, and you should not deal with them.  Be particularly careful selling vehicles to operators that don’t have a physical site.

If you have encountered what you think is an illegal dismantler or scrap yard, & you can’t find their details on the public registers, then you can notify us, using our on-line form, & we will check.  And if they are illegal we will inform the authorities for you.