MVDA Safety Checklist For Selling Your Car Safely


MVDA Safety Checklist

  • Always ask for a company name & premises address, and check that they do actually exist.
  • You can check they have the proper licenses by using the link (below) to the Environment Agency website. Check that they have the following licences:
  • Waste Management License or Environmental Permit as an Authorised Treatment Facility
  • Waste Carriers License
  • If not, they are probably operating illegally. Do not use them.
  • Always get a proper printed receipt.  This should contain the following information:
    • Your name & address
    • Your vehicle details (make, model, registration number)
    • Never sell your vehicle to someone operating only from a mobile number, the internet, or without premises – almost certainly they will be operating illegally.

    • The agreed value of the vehicle
    • The name & address & contact details of the company collecting the vehicle.
  • If they refuse to provide a proper receipt at the time of collection/ delivery, it is unlikely you will ever get one & they are almost certainly operating illegally.
  • It is also advisable to record the registration number of the truck collecting your vehicle.
  • Always clarify whether your vehicle is going to be scrapped or sold on for re-use.  There is not necessarily a problem with reusing a vehicle, as long as you are happy with that.  Many vehicle dismantlers are also experienced motor traders.  What you think is scrap may be quite a good car to somebody else that has the time & expertise to repair it.  But if you demand that the vehicle is scrapped, then they should do it. 
  • Make sure you get confirmation in writing.
  • If your vehicle is scrapped you must receive a Certificate of Destruction.  You should receive this within 7-14 days of your vehicle being collected.  If you haven’t received it by that time, contact the company you sold it to.  As a last resort, you can also inform DVLA & the Environment Agency.
  • Make sure you tell DVLA that you have sold the vehicle, as soon as you have done it.  Whatever anybody tells you, it is your legal responsibility to inform DVLA that you are no longer the vehicle owner.  The person collecting the vehicle cannot or will not do this.  Your liability for the vehicle continues until you receive a letter from DVLA confirming that you are no longer the owner.
  • Never hand over the entire V5 registration document.  Tear off the ‘yellow’ section 9 (V5C/3)  (Selling or transferring your vehicle to a motor trader, insurer or dismantler) & fill it in with the details of the company you are selling it to.  Then send it to the DVLA.  Give the rest of the V5 registration document to the company buying your vehicle.
  • If you want to reclaim any money for your tax disc, or transfer a cherished registration number, you must do this before you sell the vehicle.  Once the vehicle has been collected it is too late.
  • Similarly, make sure that any personal possessions are removed from the vehicle before it is collected.